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For more information, email Kas at kas @rainbowcc.org

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The Rainbow Community Center’s volunteer program is the cornerstone of our ability to provide support programs and services to our LGBTQ+ community in Contra Costa County. Volunteers like you are an indispensable part of our mission of building community, fostering physical and mental wellness, and creating safe, welcoming spaces. Your volunteer work directly and positively impacts the lives of thousands of community members in Contra Costa County through community engagement at events, administration and facilitation of groups and programs, and interaction with our community members.

For more information about our volunteer program, contact Kas at 925.692.0090 ext 300 or at kas@rainbowcc.org. You can complete a volunteer application by clicking here.

Volunteer Application Process

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We are thrilled that you are interested in joining our Board, Staff, Interns, and Volunteer Team to ensure we continue to provide services to our LGBTQ+ community. To begin the process of becoming a volunteer,

Step 1: Complete a Volunteer Application by clicking here
Step 2: Make an appointment to see our Volunteer Coordinator Kas by emailing him at kas@rainbowcc.org
Step 3: Create an account here at TrackItForward to track your volunteer hours. Your email address and a simple password are required to create the account. We’re asking volunteers to use standardized password (first name and last initial, no spaces) for TrackItForward. You can also download a TrackItForward app by searching trackitforward(no spaces) on your Android and Apple device. Special permissions email address are NOT required to download this free app.
Step 4: Attend a Volunteer Orientation and tour. At our group orientation, you will learn about RCC’s history and mission, discuss various ways you can get involved in supporting our events and programs, receive brief trainings on Queer 101, Trans Education, Crisis Intervention, Creating Safe Spaces and Safe Boundaries, and more.

Upcoming Events and Trainings

RCC Pride on the Plaza Volunteers

Join us for a Pride on the Plaza Volunteer Orientation on May, 17th at 6pm for our Annual Pride Event which will be held on Saturday, May 20 at 6:00pm at Todos Santos Plaza in Walnut Creek. We hope you can join our dedicated volunteer team, get an inside look into the workings of our most fabulous event, and meet other volunteers at our upcoming orientation. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. We could use support with:

Morning shift volunteers
Duties: Setup, bringing supplies over, canopy, chairs, and table setup,
Afternoon support volunteers
Duties: Various event support duties
Event cleanup support
Duties: Canopy take down, returning supplies to RCC

Take note:

1. Dress for warm weather.
2. We will at be a park setting so wear supportive footwear and comfortable clothing.
3. RCC’s parking lot and three parking garages are in a 2 block radius and are available for you to park in.
4. Take breaks! Other volunteers or I will happily cover your position as you take a break and enjoy the festivities.
5. Water and snacks are available for you at the RCC and RCC Volunteer Booth.
6. There will a Porta-Potty on the corner of Mt. Diablo and Willow Pass. RCC’s restrooms will also be available.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Women’s Program Volunteer
Support our Women’s Program which offers specialized groups and social activities for women
Speakers Bureau Volunteer
Provide a variety of trainings to community organizations, service providers, classes, etc. as part of our work to raise awareness and improve support for LGBTQ people in our area.
Senior Lunch Volunteer
Volunteer at our bi-monthly luncheon and create a social space for our senior community members
Front Desk/Admin Assistant
Greet visitors, answer phonecalls and support RCC’s day-to-day tasks
Friendly Visitor
Provide support and get to know other members of the community who are often unable to come to our center
Food Pantry
Volunteer at our weekly Food Pantry which provides social support and services for LGBTQ Seniors and People who are living with HIV/AIDS
RCC Ambassador
Help spread the word about RCC
Thrift Store Merchandiser and Backroom Coordinator
Help spread the word about RCC
Thrift Store Cashier and Display Coordinator
Help create a supportive, friendly, clean space at Concord’s favorite thrift store, Everything Under the Rainbow.
Administrative Volunteer
Support RCC the with planning and oversight of many of our events, grants, outreach materials and donor development

Tracking Volunteer Hours

Recognizing our volunteers is important to RCC and encourages commitment to help ensure that we continue providing exemplary service to our Contra Costa LGBTQ population. To help RCC Staff and Board recognize our volunteers’ time and dedication, we encourage our volunteers to track their hours via TrackItForward. You can track your hours by clicking here or at the button below and creating an account. Your email address and a simple password are required to create the account. We’re asking volunteers to use standardized password (first name and last initial, no spaces) for TrackItForward

Track Your Volunteer Hours

You can also download a TrackItFoward app by searching trackitforward(no spaces) on your Android and Apple device. No special permissions are required to download this free app.

Volunteer Highlight
Joanna Ceponis


      Joanna was recently highlighted as a contributing community member and RCC Volunteer. Below are quotes from Joanna describing her experience of engaging with our community and her experiences at RCC.

“Like a bee to honey I discovered RCC. I come to RCC, and I just light up when I’m there. It is a very visceral kind of high. I know other people feel that. And I connect and feel that when I’m at the RCC…the place has been life changing for me. It is nothing I expected.”

She also described the way she has seen other people in her support groups grow and transform as a result of their support at the RCC.

“You start to watch them blossom, and develop their personalities. They become more articulate, sophisticated, confident, and above all, immensely happier. They feel more grounded and balanced.”

In addition to watching the transformation of those in her support groups, Joanna has been able to connect with those from different parts of our community. Joanna has gained exposure to many cultures and experiences, some of which she had previously had no access to or interaction with. She describes her connections with other members of our broad LGBTQ+ community as enlightening and inspiring.