Women’s Program Volunteer


Rainbow Community Center’s Women’s Program offer specialized groups and social activities for women of all ages. We offer community center space for women to gather, network, get support and meet like-minded women. We are looking for volunteers to host our existing groups or to help grow our programming for women! We welcome your suggestions and ideas regardless of your ability to volunteer. As a volunteer, you will assist with outreach to grow and support the Women’s Program at RCC and host women’s social gatherings on or off-site on behalf RCC such as:

Women’s Coffee Klatch
○ Queer Women’s Writers Play Date
○ Women’s Special Events/Activities


Believe in the importance of in face-to-face community
○ Outgoing or willing to challenge yourself to be!
○ Caring, compassionate and committed

Time/Day Requirements/: Women’s existing programs are offered consistently each month at the following days/times:

Women’s Coffee Klatch – first Wednesday of each month, 10:30-12:00pm
○ Queer Women’s Writers Play Date- third Wednesday of each month, 6:30-8pm
○ Women’s Special Events/Activities – TBD

Supervision and Support:

Volunteers are supported by group organizers. RCC will provide additional training and assistance to ensure that the volunteers feel supported and well matched in their service placement.

Typical Duties:

Plan program, including selecting topics, inviting guest speakers, etc.
○ Consult with RCC staff to ensure outreach and advertising accurately reflects the event
○ Set up for event and greet newcomers
○ Facilitate introductions and community agreements and program
○ Clean up and ensure that donations and sign-in sheets are properly filed
○ Ensure the closing procedures are followed and RCC space is secure (as needed)
○ Follow up with RCC program staff if group participants indicate the need for additional support and services