Thrift Store Cashier and Display Coordinator

Everything Under the Rainbow is working to raise funds that support RCC’s programs. By participating in this program, volunteers help create a supportive, friendly, clean and well organized thrift store. Cashiers use the store’s Ipad Point of Sale (POS) savvy system to ring up sales; provide customer service; keep register area tidy; help organize incoming donations, price items and make price tags; maintain responsible supervision of cash, checks and credit slips. Volunteers will:

    ○ Support the operation of our store
    ○ Provide excellent customer service
    ○ Greet customers and serve as ambassador to store, RCC and LGBTQ community
    ○ Help customers find merchandise

Requirements: We are looking for volunteers who

    ○ good looking to develop their customer service skills
    ○Caring and compassionate
    ○ Able to gently and respectfully set limits with customers
    ○ Manage cash responsibly
    ○ Operate a cash register

Time/Day Requirements: Store operates Tuesday through Saturday. Volunteers should be available for at least a 3-hour block between 11am and 6pm.

Supervision & Support: Volunteers are supervised by the Store Manager. RCC will provide additional training on cash register, customer service, and limit setting. Ongoing support will be provided to ensure the volunteer job match is successful.