Speakers Bureau Volunteer


Rainbow Community Center offers a variety of trainings to community organizations, service providers, classes, etc. as part of our work to raise awareness and improve support for LGBTQ people in our area. Sharing personal stories is a powerful way to help people understand what it’s like for LGBTQ and HIV+ people.


Comfortable telling your own story in public
○ Ability to tell a powerful story in a short period of time (training provided)
○ Comfort with people who may ask uncomfortable or unintentionally offensive questions
○ Knowledge about RCC’s programs, resources, and theoretical models (training provided)

Time/Day Requirements:

Trainings are scheduled during daytime or evening hours on weekdays and weekends

Supervision and Support:

Speakers’ Bureau is trained and coordinated by Mayela Zuniga Lopez, Tawny Porter, and other training staff. Training and practice sessions are required before one is considered ready and available to schedule trainings. Training requests generally come from service providers (medical, mental health, and substance abuse), community groups (such as Rotary Club), and school groups.

Typical Duties:

Improve support and knowledge about LGBTQ and HIV+ people with the community
○ Share personal stories and information to raise awareness about LGBTQ and HIV+ people in the community
○ Share information about RCC with community groups
○ Attend training and practice story telling, develop talking points
○ Attend events or programs and speak about personal experiences and RCC programs. Debrief and provide evaluation to RCC staff after event.