RCC Ambassador

Rainbow Community Center offers many programs, but sometimes we are our own “best kept secret.” Help spread the word! We need volunteers to:

    ○ Posting print materials
    ○ Distributing fliers & brochures
    ○ Crafting and posting social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc)
    ○ Provide presentations about RCC programs & services
    ○ Tell others about RCC


    ○ Commitment to the mission of RCC
    ○Ability to communicate well in the chosen media (comfort with public speaking, graphic design ability, etc)
    ○Understanding of the chosen media
    ○Time and comfort in talking about LGBTQ issues and RCC programs and services without knowing the possible responses

Time/Day Requirements:

    ○ Varies dependent on program and media.

Supervision & Support: Volunteers are supervised by Julianne Carroll. RCC will provide additional training and assistance to ensure that the volunteers feel supported and well matched in their service placement.

Typical Duties:

    ○ Duties depend on program and media.
    ○ Ambassadors may drive to various locations to post fliers; craft, review, and post social media; share and comment on social media; or staff tables at outreach events.