Food Pantry Volunteer


RCC’s Kind Hearts Food Pantry Program provides social support and services for LGBTQ Seniors and People who are living with HIV/AIDS. By participating in this program, volunteers provide a supportive, friendly, respectful, and dignified experience for people who need a little extra help accessing food – especially fresh produce. Volunteers help to pick up donations, set up appealing displays, promote a healthy and hygienic environment, and help break down the displays at the end of the day. Volunteers provide a valuable service for those in need and will:

Support the operation of our weekly Food Pantry
○ Set up, help people shop, and/or help pack up at the end of the day
○ May help pick up donations and bring them to Pantry
○ Help people access food when they have few other options

Requirements: We are looking for volunteers who are

Caring and compassionate
○ Able to gently and respectfully remind participants of limits on food
○ Able to maintain confidentiality for those who access our services
○ Able to lift 30 pound boxes (if helping with set-up)
○ Able to adhere to basic hygiene standards related to packaged food
○ Able to drive (if picking up food donations)

Time/Day Requirements: Food Pantry is held on Thursdays. Shifts include: 8:30am to 11:30am (Set Up), 10:45am to 2:00pm (Operation), and 1:30pm to 3:30pm (Clean Up). Food Donations occur during morning or daytime hours.

Supervision & Support: Volunteers are supervised by Robyn Kuslits. RCC will provide additional training on home visit safety, boundaries and ethics, and service referrals. Ongoing support will be provided to ensure the volunteer match is successful.

Typical Duties:

Set Up: Set up tables and service items, unpack and organize food displays, take out garbage and recycling, clean up space, and assist with transporting food donations from donation site to Food Pantry
○ Operation: Assist with moving people through the pantry, roll call, item selection, limit setting, etc. Assist with restocking food items. Assist with taking items to vehicles.
○Clean Up: Assist with packaging nonperishable items back into pantry, assist with packing perishable items for donation to another pantry, clean tables, vacuum, put racks and shelving in storage, clean up and prepare community space for next event.
○Food Donation: Pick up food donations from designated donors and bring back to Pantry for storage or display.