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Administrative Staff


Philip Arca
Interim Executive Director

Philip Arca has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to social justice that involves direct support of individuals, systemic change, sustainability, creativity and the joy of allowing all to realize their fullest potential.   On a practitioner level, he is a seasoned turnaround leader with broad and deep experience.

Most recently, he has been Interim Executive Director for a national network of employment lawyers committed to justice/equity in the workplace, an art/science center, a county wide foster youth program, senior nutrition services, a youth science outreach effort in the East Bay, a law center in Marin, while also consulting with the Ella Baker Center and on the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Business Alliance. Philip was recently accepted as a Charter Member of the National Association of Accredited Interim Executive Directors (NAAIED).

He is formerly the Executive Director of a $7 million, 85 employee, and 800 volunteer, faith-based social services organization working throughout Alameda County. In other positions, he has led turnaround of large cultural facility – The Oakland Zoo, startup of a new U.S. fair trade coffee initiative and the strategic alignment and growth of a statewide communications organization focused on children’s issues.

He enjoys theater, ukulele/guitar, Dragonboat paddling, cycling, motorcycling and comes from a family of three sisters and with his partner Sherry has two daughters. If requested to be a dog, would be a basset hound — improbable with a consequently necessary sense of a humor.

He aspires to be a useful ally for all of the fine work that the Rainbow Community Center pursues in Contra Costa County.

You can reach Philip at 925.692.0090 ext 301 or at execdirect@rainbowcc.org.


Michael Lim
Director of Contracts and Grants

Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining Rainbow staff in 2016, Michael spent over three years in several nonprofit settings working to empower underserved communities. He currently serves as Rainbow’s Director of Contracts and Grants.

In his free time Michael enjoys spending time with his partner, cooking, dining out, and food blogging (www.thebatchoydiaries.com).

You can reach Michael at 925.692.0090 ext 337 or at michael@rainbowcc.org

Jonathan Cook
Director of Communications and Development

Jonathan has worked extensively with non-profits and community based organizations. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Music with an emphasis in Piano Performance from Pacific Union College. His work at Rainbow includes communication, development, community engagement and advocacy. Jonathan is passionate about fundraising and expanding the services that Rainbow is able to offer our community. Prior to joining the staff at Rainbow in 2016, he co-founded a gay-straight alliance and advised an international LGBTQ faith-based non-profit. Outside of work Jonathan enjoys strong coffee, travel and quality time with friends.

You can reach Jonathan at 925.692.0090 ext 303 or at jonathan@rainbowcc.org


Marlette West
Office Manager

Marlette is a native Concordian. She was born and raised less than a mile from the current Rainbow Community Center. Her background is in the health field providing administrative assistance and data management for over 30 years. She considers working at RCC a dream job and feels encouraged by the Center’s involvement in and acceptance by the local communities in and around Contra Costa County and beyond.
You can reach Marlette at (925)692-0090 Ext 308 or at marlette@rainbowcc.org.



Leslie Stewart
Administrative Assistant

Leslie has spent over 20 years in nonprofit administrative positions, including 11 years as a Project Manager for the League of Women Voters of the Bay Area. She served for seven years on the Rainbow Community Center’s Board of Directors prior to joining the staff in August 2008. After retiring in 2012, she rejoined the Board. Most recently, Leslie has rejoined the staff as Special Projects Manager and is Currently Serving as our Interim Contracts Manager.  Leslie served as a county chapter leader for Marriage Equality USA  from 2003-2013 and was on the board of the local ACLU chapter for four years. She is currently serving as President of the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley.

You can reach Leslie at 925.692.0090 ext 304 or at leslie@rainbowcc.org


Nancy Ostler


You can reach Nancy at 925.692.0090 ext 307 or at accounting@rainbowcc.org

Youth Program Staff


Daphnee Valdez
Director of Youth Services & Collaborations Coordinator

Daphnee Valdez is a transformative leader, proud Bi/Queer Pinay (Filipina-American), and Concord local. She is a first-generation college graduate who received her Master of Arts in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University, focusing on the intersectionality of family, Filipinx identity, and assimilation. She first began her journey with the Rainbow Community Center as a Youth Outreach Counselor and is currently the Director of Youth Services and Collaborations Coordinator. She has been engaged with youth empowerment for more than 10 years. She has experience within the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, working as the Careers in Education Academy Mentor, at Ygnacio Valley High School, for five years. She dedicates her life and career to creating empathetic, equitable, and fun experiences that EMPOWER INDIGENOUS, BLACK, BROWN, and LGBTQIA+, and ALLY YOUTH. She encourages growth and strength through shared story that allows us to RISE, love deeply, courageously, and bravely, so that we thrive, heal, be heard, and dismantle.

You can reach Daphnee at 925.692.0090 ext 336 or at daphnee@rainbowcc.org

Christian Aguirre

Youth Outreach Counselor &

HIV Prevention Specialist

Christian earned his makeup artist certifications from NY Makeup Academy in San Jose. When he was a teenager he found the Rainbow Community Center and joined the youth program, where he gained the strength to be confident in his sexual orientation. Christian became very interested in promoting safe-sex education and assisting in the HIV Prevention Program. He has been involved in several non-profit organizations in the Bay Area, in which he has been involved in fundraising. He currently works at the Rainbow Community Center as an HIV Outreach and Prevention Specialist and Youth Outreach Counselor.

You can reach Christian at 925.692.0090 ext 339 or at christian@rainbowcc.org

Niq Muldrow
Youth Outreach Counselor

Niq Muldrow is an unapologetic queer trans guy who lives for Social Justice. A freshman at Diablo Valley College, he is double majoring in social work and social justice. He is a 2017 recipient of the eQuality Scholarship for his activism in school as well as his work with GSA Network. They were a youth council member at GSA Network as well as represented Northern California at GSA Network’s National Gathering gathering in Columbus Ohio in August 2017. He will be receiving a Youth Activist Award in October from Queer LifeSpace for his work uplifting trans and queer people of color.

Niq has a deep love for music playing guitar, saxophone, ukulele, flute, as well as singing. He enjoys nature, mediation, slam poetry and animals when he isn’t fighting for racial and gender justice.

You can reach Niq at 925.692.0090 ext 309 or at niq@rainbowcc.org 


Behavioral Health Staff


Jennifer O’Neal-Khaw, MPA, LMFT
Clinical Director 

Jennifer earned her master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s College of California and a master’s in Public Administration from CSU East Bay. Her job allows Jennifer to do many things that she loves every day, including working directly with community members, collaborating with fellow RCC staff, and advocating for others. Jennifer utilizes a strengths-based approach in her work, and feels excited and grateful to be a part of the Rainbow community. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and volunteering.

You can reach Jennifer at 925.692.0090 ext 330 or at jennifer@rainbowcc.org


Marcos Apolonio, ACSW, OrdM
Case Management Program Director

Marcos received his Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in Community Mental Health from CSU East Bay, and a Bachelor of Theology with an emphasis in Education and Pastoral Care from Universidade Adventista São Paulo, in Brazil. He has a rich experience as a community leader and counselor in Brazil and in the United States. Since 2003 works as an advocate, counselor and mental health therapist with the LGBTQ community offering services in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

He is an Associate Clinical Social Worker and functions as the Case Management Program Director at the Rainbow Community Center where community members are supported with matters of housing, health insurance, unemployment, food, emotional support, education, among other needs. Masters of Social Work students from five different universities join the program as interns every year to enhance their understanding and cultural competence on LGBTI issues.

He also leads Church 1.0, a non-denominational welcoming, accepting and affirming community in San Francisco, fostering dialogue on spirituality and creating sanctuary for those marginalized from traditional religions.

Marcos’ strengths are connectedness, communication, individualization, empathy and harmony. He is a proud father of two gorgeous human beings and lives with his husband in the East Bay.

You can reach Marcos at 925.692.0090 ext 332 or at marcos@rainbowcc.org


Ginger Jule-Frost, LMFT
Lead Clinician/School Based Services Coordinator

Ginger is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who received her BA in Psychology with a Minor in Women’s Studies at CSU Hayward, and Masters in Counseling from JFK University.  She has been providing clinical services at RCC since 2014, and is currently Lead Clinician and School-Based Services Coordinator.  She recognizes the privilege in which she is situated in many respects, and is a fierce activist and advocate for social justice and human rights.  Issues of diversity, intersectionality and social equity have always been of concern to Ginger, and she places emphasis on attending to the needs of underserved and at-risk groups. Being a community member herself, Ginger has focused her clinical experience within the LGBTQ+ community, and is an emerging Gender Specialist in the field.  She has spent many years working with and advocating for youth, beginning in her previous career in Special Education, and places particular emphasis on helping survivors of trauma and abuse.  Ginger approaches her work with a collaborative spirit, from a perspective of resilience, strength and growth, and with respect for the powerful role of attachment.

Ginger’s free time is spent with her beloved partner and friends, appreciating nature, music and the arts.

You can reach Ginger at 925.692.0090 ext 331 or at ginger@rainbowcc.org


Vance Drouillard
Lead Case Manager and Patient Care Coordinator

Vance is a retired Registered Nurse that is currently working in Case Management at the Rainbow Community Center.  He is also the HIV Health Educator and is responsible for running the HIV Testing Program and HIV Outreach.

You can reach Vance at 925.692.0090 ext 306 or at vance@rainbowcc.org

Carol Osmer, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor


You can reach Carol at 925.692.0090


Nathan Padilla
Case Manager

Nathan was born in Castro Valley and raised in San Leandro, Antioch and Concord. Nathan joined the Navy in 2008 and served aboard two submarines (USS Los Angeles and USS Santa Fe) until 2012, when he left active duty to join the Navy Reserve. After the Navy, Nathan went back to school and graduated in 2015 from Diablo Valley College with his Associates of Arts in Sociology. After graduating Diablo Valley College, he transferred to San Francisco State University where he majored in the Bachelor of social work program. During his time at SF State, he was brought on the RCC team as a case management intern. Nathan graduated from San Francisco State University in 2017 with his bachelor’s degree in social work. Nathan was then hired on as a case manager with the Rainbow Community Center where he serves currently. Nathan loves football, hiking, camping and anything that gets him outside!

You can contact Nathan at 925.692.0090 ext 326 or at nathan@rainbowcc.org



Satwinder Mahabir, M.S., MFT
Clinical Supervisor

Satwinder is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Clinical Supervisor, with more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families in educational and residential settings. Satwinder received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from San Francisco State University and holds a deep passion for serving communities of color. Satwinder’s areas of clinical expertise include system involved youth, trauma and recovery, dual diagnosis, and social justice. She is committed to the practice of Trauma Informed Care with a specific focus on cultural humility and gender responsiveness.


Community Program Staff


Robyn Kuslits
Director of Community Programs

Robyn is the Director of Community Programs, and uses she/her or they/them pronouns. Robyn grew up in Antioch, and shortly after high school joined the United States Navy and served as a submariner. She moved back to Contra Costa County in 2015 and fell in love with the community, volunteering at the center as she started her own medical transition. Robyn has been a volunteer facilitator for the Gender Voice social support group, and managed the Kind Hearts Food Pantry. Robyn is also currently attending University of Phoenix to complete her B.S. in Business. In her free time, Robyn enjoys political activism, trail running, and watching documentaries with her adorable cat Duke.

You can reach Robyn at 925.692.0090 ext 347 or at robyn@rainbowcc.org



Mayela Zuniga
Training Director & Recruitment and Hiring Specialist

Mayela is a quirky Queer, Gender Expansive, Mexican-American Mujer that has committed their life to Social Justice work in the Bay Area, with a focus on LGBTQ+ liberation since the age of 15. Mayela has had the privilege to be part of many dynamic teams working to advocate, and enhance the life experience of Queer and Trans folks, as well as LGBTQ+ Allies across the Bay Area and beyond. Mayela brings an Intersectional and Youth Empowerment approach to their work, loves to express themselves through color, uses both She and They Pronouns interchangeably, and believes we all have the power to be healers. Mayela has worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo (now Planned Parenthood Northern California), former Bay Area safe schools organization Ally Action (formerly known as GLSEN SF-EB and BANGLE), West Contra Costa Unified School District, and has been with The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County since July 2011. Having worn many hats throughout her years with Rainbow, including that of Youth Mentor, Director of Youth Services, and the agency’s Lead Trainer, Mayela is proud to take their experience with the agency and expertise to currently serve as the Rainbow’s Training Director & Recruitment and Hiring Specialist.

You can reach Mayela at 925.692.0090 ext 305 or at mayela@rainbowcc.org


To know more about our training program, or book a training email us at training@rainbowcc.org


To inquire about employment opportunities with the RCC email us at rainbowccjobs@gmail.com 

Katharine ‘Kat’ Banuelos
Junior Youth Outreach Counselor

Katherine started off at Rainbow when she discovered it as a youth in 2015. She had the pleasure of being educated all about her community and intersectionality. Though she may have only been a nervous youth in the early days, Rainbow has helped her find her voice in advocating for others and for herself. Kat is happy to be working at the Rainbow as a Jr. Youth Outreach Counselor, where she can continue to learn and grow as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

You can reach Kat at 925.692.0090 ext 309 or at kat@rainbowcc.org


Christopher Holden
Senior Program Manager

Christopher received his Bachelor of Science at Boston’s Northeastern University and an addition graphic arts degree at Epping Forest College, London, England. His most recent work experience was as a Program Coordinator for 140+ disabled/formerly homeless seniors in a supportive housing setting. Prior to that, Christopher lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 7 years and traveled extensively through Europe and Asia and taught English in Dharamsala, India. Christopher is currently the Senior Program Director.

You can reach Christopher at 925.692.0090 ext 337 or at christopher_h@rainbowcc.org


Kim Zib
Kind Hearts Food Pantry Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Zib grew up in Alaska and moved to California in 2008. She received her Bachelor’s of Art in Graphic Design and Multimedia at California State University, East Bay. She was also a Resident Assistant for her last two years attending East Bay. She is half Korean and Czech. She hopes to go into a Masters program for Social Work or Design, until then she will be playing video games, binge watching tv series, and drinking too much milk tea.

You can reach Kim at 925.692.0090 ext 315 or at kim@rainbowcc.org


Luis Venegas

El Cerrito Site Manager

Luis also known as Princesa (their performance alias) describes themselves as a water infusing, creative, non-binary being who is excited to share their hxstory and learn yours in community. They received their BFA from Berkeley in 2015 where they were involved with multiple organizations – bridging arts, culture, wellness, politica, and communal dialogue. They are trilingual: English, Spanish, and Spanglish, with the latter being their favorite! Their work is rooted in healing, anti-capitalist, and love practices. They are so excited to be working with dope individuals at Rainbow and meet you!

You can reach Luis at luis@rainbowcc.org