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Contra Costa LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Collaborative

Contact Tawny Porter, Director of Health Promotion, Education, and Community Engagement, at or 925.692.0090 ext 335

Contra Costa LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Collaborative


Inclusive Schools Coalition

Helping our community  support our LGBTQ children

A joint community effort to reach & engage  families, peers, schools, faith groups & other community members to raise awareness of the harmful     effects of rejection on our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth.  Our primary goal is to improve the health of LGBTQ youth by reducing rejecting behaviors & increasing accepting behaviors in Contra Costa social & service networks.

To take advantage of our innovative services

Contact Tawny Porter, Director of Health Promotion, Education, and Community Engagement, at or 925.692.0090 ext 335

Or you can leave a message at our one-stop access line 925-692-2056!



  • Peer support groups engaging youth in East, West & Central County
  • Counseling for youth & families
  • Parent & family support
  • Education & support regarding  gender identity & expression
  • Consultation & support regarding bullying & rejection in school
  • Youth leadership development & training opportunities
  • One-stop access to services available across Contra Costa County


  • Networking & collaborative opportunities to enhance efforts with LGBTQ youth & families
  • Training & education for schools
  • Workshops & education for faith-based groups
  • LGBTQ cultural competency training for organizations that seek to engage youth & families
  • Advertising opportunities through county-wide promotion of services & opportunities that benefit LGBTQ youth & their families

LGBTQ youth are coming out & becoming more visible during adolescence.

As a result, family members, teachers & other key support people need accurate      information about sexual orientation & gender identity to help provide appropriate support for LGBTQ adolescents.

LGBTQ youth suffer from increased bullying, discrimination & isolation.

Ground-breaking research* by the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University shows that people in key support networks have an impact on LGBTQ children‘s risk & well-being (

LGBTQ youth who experience high rates of rejection of their sexual orientation or   gender identity/expression, whether intentional or unintentional, experience:

  • 8.4 times higher risk of suicide attempts
  • 5.9 times higher risk of depression
  • 3.4 times higher risk of illicit drug use
  • 3.4 times higher risk of unprotected sex

With increased knowledge & understanding, people who are part of vital support networks for LGBTQ youth can choose to decrease their rejecting behaviors & move toward acceptance & support.

The Contra Costa LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Collaborative was formed to assist our community in reducing rejecting behaviors & increasing accepting behaviors toward LGBTQ youth within key support networks of families, peers, schools & faith groups.  The primary goals of the Collaborative include:

  • Improve access to LGBTQ youth & key support networks
  • Effectively engage people who influence health outcomes for LGBTQ youth—families, peers, community members & systems, faith groups, schools, health providers, juvenile justice, social welfare, foster care , etc.
  • Produce positive health outcomes for LGBTQ youth :
    • Improved physical & mental health outcomes
    • Increased positive connection & participation in social networks
    • Improved access to culturally competent services
    • Stronger policies & practices supporting positive identity development


*Ryan, C., Huebner, D., Dias, R. M., & Sanchez, J. (2009). Family rejection as a predictor of negative health outcomes in white & Latino lesbian, gay & bisexual young adults. Pediatrics, 123(1): 346-352.

*Ryan, C. (2009). Supportive Families, healthy children: Helping families with lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender children. San Francisco, CA: Marian Wright Edelman Institute, San Francisco State University.

*Hatzenbuehler, M.L. (2001). The Social Environment & Suicide Attempts in Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth.  Pediatrics, 127(5): 896-903.