Join us every Sunday at 4:30 for a candlelight guided meditation and breath workshop. Each week we explore and discuss deep yogic philosophy helping us develop a higher sense of groundness and stability in our chaotic world. A theme is picked every week for class and often includes a group discussion. Each week we weave together restorative yoga, guided meditation, development of breath awareness and much more. Come join us for a unique experience and learn how to manifest your true hearts desires!

Learn more about Josh:

Josh discovered the yoga path after years of heroin addiction and homelessness. Over the years of practice yoga helped transform Josh’s life like a butterfly. Inspired to help change the lives of others, Josh became a certified yoga instructor in 2016. He created www.yogaffordable.com, an online resource making yoga accessible and affordable to the aspiring soul. Josh is certified (Y12SR) Yoga-12 Step group leader and also teaches free group classes at Rainbow Community Center.