Contra Costa LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Collaborative


Inclusive Schools Coalition


Helping our community  support our LGBTQ children

A joint community effort to reach & engage  families, peers, schools, faith groups & other community members to raise awareness of the harmful     effects of rejection on our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth.  Our primary goal is to improve the health of LGBTQ youth by reducing rejecting behaviors & increasing accepting behaviors in Contra Costa social & service networks.

To take advantage of our innovative services

Contact Daphnee Valdez, Director of Youth Services & Collaborations Coordinator, at daphnee@rainbowcc.org or 925.692.0090 ext 336




  • Peer support groups engaging youth in East, West & Central County
  • Counseling for youth & families
  • Parent & family support
  • Education & support regarding  gender identity & expression
  • Consultation & support regarding bullying & rejection in school
  • Youth leadership development & training opportunities
  • One-stop access to services available across Contra Costa County


  • Networking & collaborative opportunities to enhance efforts with LGBTQ youth & families
  • Training & education for schools
  • Workshops & education for faith-based groups
  • LGBTQ cultural competency training for organizations that seek to engage youth & families
  • Advertising opportunities through county-wide promotion of services & opportunities that benefit LGBTQ youth & their families

LGBTQ youth are coming out & becoming more visible during adolescence.

As a result, family members, teachers & other key support people need accurate      information about sexual orientation & gender identity to help provide appropriate support for LGBTQ adolescents.

LGBTQ youth suffer from increased bullying, discrimination & isolation.

Ground-breaking research* by the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University shows that people in key support networks have an impact on LGBTQ children‘s risk & well-being (http://familyproject.sfsu.edu/).

LGBTQ youth who experience high rates of rejection of their sexual orientation or   gender identity/expression, whether intentional or unintentional, experience:

  • 8.4 times higher risk of suicide attempts
  • 5.9 times higher risk of depression
  • 3.4 times higher risk of illicit drug use
  • 3.4 times higher risk of unprotected sex

With increased knowledge & understanding, people who are part of vital support networks for LGBTQ youth can choose to decrease their rejecting behaviors & move toward acceptance & support.

The Contra Costa LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Collaborative was formed to assist our community in reducing rejecting behaviors & increasing accepting behaviors toward LGBTQ youth within key support networks of families, peers, schools & faith groups.  The primary goals of the Collaborative include:

  • Improve access to LGBTQ youth & key support networks
  • Effectively engage people who influence health outcomes for LGBTQ youth—families, peers, community members & systems, faith groups, schools, health providers, juvenile justice, social welfare, foster care , etc.
  • Produce positive health outcomes for LGBTQ youth :
    • Improved physical & mental health outcomes
    • Increased positive connection & participation in social networks
    • Improved access to culturally competent services
    • Stronger policies & practices supporting positive identity development


*Ryan, C., Huebner, D., Dias, R. M., & Sanchez, J. (2009). Family rejection as a predictor of negative health outcomes in white & Latino lesbian, gay & bisexual young adults. Pediatrics, 123(1): 346-352.

*Ryan, C. (2009). Supportive Families, healthy children: Helping families with lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender children. San Francisco, CA: Marian Wright Edelman Institute, San Francisco State University.

*Hatzenbuehler, M.L. (2001). The Social Environment & Suicide Attempts in Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth.  Pediatrics, 127(5): 896-903.