These guidelines have been developed by RCC staff and program participants and are intended to help us build a safe and welcoming environment.  These principles reflect RCC’s mission, to build communityand our vision of creating a society that embraces acceptance, safety and equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you have suggested changes please contact Kas at kas@rainbowcc.org.

Community Agreements


Be Present

Be deliberate about your purpose in this moment. Be a Role Model.


Share the Time & Participate

Share the conversation – encourage everyone to participate. Listen generously. Assume goodwill. Speak from your own experience – take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You have no control over others, but you can choose how you interact and respond.


Take a Risk

Encourage full participation. Welcome new ideas and perspectives, and challenge yourself in order to learn something new.

Rainbow Umbrella 2

Don’t Rain on My Parade

It’s Okay to Disagree. Don’t put down someone’s interests, views, and choices. There’s room for more than one idea and point of view. Appreciate and value multiple realities.


Set & Respect Boundaries

Practice setting limits for yourself and respecting the limits of others. It’s ok to pass or say “No” or “I need time to think about it.” Don’t punish other people with silence or anger when they share their reality or the truth as they see it.


Intent is Different from Impact

Be aware that sometimes the things we say or do may have a negative impact on others, despite our intent. Respond with concern, and seek understanding when a negative impact occurs.

 gender sign

Be Yourself

We are a diverse community. We celebrate and welcome expressions across a broad spectrum of gender and identity. Be Creative and express yourself. Don’t hide or change who you are just to fit in. Make it a practice to ask and tell others which pronouns you use.


Respect Our Safe Space

Confidentiality – what’s said in the room stays in the room.Ask permission to share or discuss statements that others make.

Clean Up & Recycle. Help us maintain a clean environment.

If You Carry, Keep It Buried. If you carry items for self-defense, keep them invisible.

Don’t Come High or Holding. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed!


Respect Youth Safe Space

Respect the designated times when adults, except RCC staff and designated volunteers, are not allowed in community areas.Adults: be aware of your conversation and conduct around younger people.

You are a Role Model!


We <3 Allies

Respect people’s self-identity and different points of view. Support people who are different from you. Check Your Privilege and Assumptions.  Be careful of jumping to conclusions. It’s okay to come out as straight or cisgender. Use correct pronouns.  Un-gender your language (avoid ma’am or sir).

 Rainbow Hands

We’re All in This Together

We are a community with many parts, and all of us have experienced rejection. Help Us Build an LGBTQQSGLI2SAA Community Based on Respect & Love For Yourself and Everyone Else. Be supportive and ask for support when you need it.


If you can’t keep these agreements and are disruptive to the group, the facilitator will give you a warning. If you need to be reminded a second time, you will need to meet one-on-one and make a contract with an RCC staff member. If the disruptions continue, you may be asked to take a leave of absence as determined by RCC staff.

Grievance Procedures

Do you have an idea for an improvement? Please submit an anonymous suggestion here. Please be as specific as possible and we will do our best to take your feedback into account.