PRESS RELEASE: Rainbow Community Center Responds to Trump Tweets Banning Transgender Military Service

Yesterday, President Trump attacked the transgender community.


In a series of hateful tweets, he announced that he would reverse progress that had been fought for over the span of a generation.


We are perplexed and angered by this administration’s challenge to our core values as Americans: fighting for equality, justice and due process. Once again President Trump is attempting to move us back in time. His decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military is a setback that must be challenged and reversed. Thousands of dedicated transgender people are serving, have served and want to continue serving this country in all branches of the armed forces. To call transgender service members a distraction to the successful fulfillment of the military’s goals and mission is utterly false, or to quote Trump, “fake.”


The Department of Defense has faced this challenge before, reversing decades old policies, and was prepared for the open service of transgender service members.


“As a transgender veteran, I am disheartened that the President thinks so little of my military service,” said Robyn Kuslits, Rainbow Food Pantry Manager, a Veteran of the United States Navy, and a transgender woman. “Transgender people in the military deserve all of the respect and privileges that come with service to our country. The President should be promoting further inclusion in our armed forces, ensuring all Americans have the opportunity to serve with honor. Instead, he is choosing to cater to fear and discrimination,” she said.


To all of our LGBTQ+ community, we ask that you make your voices heard. As we continue to find our civil rights challenged, it is the time for us to bridge our differences and unite for our common cause, to stand for equality and justice for all.


To all transgender people who have served, are serving, or wish to serve in all branches of the military, we want to thank you for your dedication, desire, and service. You have made a difference for this country and all of the LGBTQ+ community.


We stand with you!


The Executive Board

Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County


Ken Carlson

Gerardo Valencia

Cliff Fahey

Joanna Ceponis